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We started Mystery.org to create better explanations for every question children have about the world. We began with the 150 most common science questions that children ask teachers. We call this collection Mystery Science. This year, 1 out of every 5 children in the U.S. has used Mystery Science, spread across 50% of elementary schools. We’re now moving on to all the other questions children have that they’ll never learn in school. In the last 18 months we received over 500,000 questions from children eager for better explanations of the world. Now we’re creating video explanations for every question. You can think of this like a visual Wikipedia for kids.

Our goal is to create a generation of better thinkers. We think this is the most important problem to solve in the world today. We are always open to connecting with candidates who are excited and think they may be a good fit for Mystery.org. Don’t hesitate to contact us at jobs@mystery.org.


A glimpse into how we work

  • Passionate people with great backgrounds, driven to excel by our mission

  • Exciting challenges as we explain the world to kids and make the internet accessible to them

  • A thoughtfully prepared work environment so you work smarter, not harder--and flourish at work and in your personal life

  • A profitable, growing start-up with a long-range focus on impact, not near-term profits

Resources for Candidates

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What work location and time flexibility do you offer? How many people are on the team I’ll join? How fast are you growing? What tools and systems do you use? How will you support my growth and professional development? How do you think about compensation?

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We review every application submitted to Mystery.org. Once you submit your application, the hiring manager for the role will review your application and we’ll circle back about next steps shortly after!

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